Dethboyz Stoopid Opinyun Pole
What do you think of the new design?
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@#$%ing great, you moron! Now get back to work on your damn strips! <%= myarray(0)%>
I can't believe that this piece of crap design is why we haven't seen any strips for so long! <%= myarray(1)%>
I honestly like it! I feel it properly relates the alcoholic and metalhead roots of this strip. <%= myarray(2)%>
Um... I don't read this strip... I'm just waiting here for my friend to hook me up with a dimebag. <%= myarray(3)%>
I'm too stoned to answer a pole. <%= myarray(4)%>

Question: What scares you the most about Dubya?
How he only seems to be able to speak well when it's about death and destruction. 24
How when he was speaking with Putin at that school, it was in front of a TEXAS flag, with no American flag in sight. 22
All his talk about "Evil" and "Evildoers" makes him seem like he thinks he's a superhero. 97
Those ears, squinty eyes and the way he says "terra-rists". 37
I love Dubya and didn't answer the pole. 71

Question: Pick Yer Poison
Who needs beer when likker gets you there quicker? 10
Beer + Likker = Twice as trashed! 7
I am a herbivore... 162
Too stupid to answer... 128

Question: What do you think of Jaymz Hetfield going into rehab?
Good, maybe now he'll come out of the daze he's been in and kick Larz's @$$. 9
ACK! This is the final sign of Metallica's selling out. 15
Rehab is for quitters... 169
Who is Jaymz Hetfield? 8
Too stupid to answer... 25

Question: How Did You Get Here?
I was looking for porn. 112
I'm collecting evidence. 1
I dunno, I blacked out and when I woke up my browser was here... 11
DAMMIT! i actually read this strip! Stop making stupid poles and get back to work! 11
Too stupid to answer... 50

Question: Which Soda Pop Spokesbimbo Do You Want To Do?
Britnee Spears (pepsi) 7
Christina Augyooleeriaghxz (coke) 1
Double your pleasure, Double your fun! 46
ACK! Keep those skank ho's away from me... I value my health! 8
Too stupid to answer... 14
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