The Smokin' Joker

Pothed likes philosophy...

Pothed likes classical music...

Pothed likes poetry...

Most of all Pothed likes smoking dope. (No duh!)

Seriously though, Pothed is destined to be a world famous composer but since he does his best composing while he's sky high, (at least according to him) he can never remember his epiphanies the next morning. Now if he actually knew anybody except the stupid @#$%ing slackers that he hangs with, then they might actually record his masterpieces

Nobody really knows where Pothed gets the money to buy his stash,, but he has been seen harvesting seeds from his ears.

"Ode to Cannibis"
Pothed's Ninth Symphony

A day on the green.


 Pothed has EVERY SINGLE Motley Cruë Tape!!!


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