Queen of the night

Known to herself as:
Lillith, the Lady of Darkness and Mistress of Sorrow

Known to others as:
That freaky chick who wears too much make-up

Gothick spends most of her time trying to deal with the harrowing experience of having a completely normal middle class childhood. So she reads alot of romantic vampire bull$#!* trying to convince herself that the world is a lot more mysterious than it really is. She is also quite obsessed with all types of occult boobery.

Gothchick is a barmaid by trade (or possibly a serving wench).She happens to be extraordinarily good at it (maybe it's just because the lights are really low... and you know how you get when you're drunk). Good enough in fact to afford all the clothes in her ever expanding wardrobe AND support Dethboy's unquenchable thirst.

Nobody really knows why she constantly pursues Dethboy, but the most popular theory is that she spends so much time pretending to be miserable, she has developed a subconscious need to get into a bad relationship and REALLY be unhappy.

"Gunter glieben glauchen globen"

One of Gothchick's favorite spells.
Try it!!

Get your rocks off!!


She has a thing for George Michael!!!


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