King of Drunks

"Soldier boy, Made of glass,
Now an empty shell
Twenty-one, Of twenty-four,
But he served me well.
Brewed to smash, Not for taste,
It's supposed to be that way.
Greetings trash, Finished here,
He's yours to take away."

Pre chorus to "Non-refundable Bottles"
To the tune of "Disposable Heroes", by Metallica, 1986
A song Dethboy wrote.

Well, you can probably tell by now that Dethboy likes to drink, nay..., verily he LOVES to drink. In fact, he'd rather drink than #@%*....
The funniest thing is that drinking is probably the healthiest thing he does.
Now, Dethboy is supposedly an artist of some type, but nobody has reported seeing him pick up a pencil in three years.
He currently earns his drinking money as a freelance dishwasher, and from mooching from and cheating his "friends".

 A Tender Moment


 Dethboy Has NO Morals


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